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2018.11.14 NEW
Quick Cleaner Head Now On Sale!
Devilbiss NEPTUNE Now On Sale!


  • "DV1" Coming soon!

    With the new DV1 you will get a narrow colour window for the closet colour matching, reduced turbulence for minimal mottling/clouding, a combined air inlet and air control valve for smoother air control, reduced air pressure for improved transfer efficiency and a perfectly balanced, consistent spray pattern – the perfect finish, time and time again.

  • Sales started for the "New Quick Cleaner".

    It is designed to mix solvents and compressed air to pressure flush paint line and passages quickly and thoroughly!
    Saving up to 20-65% cleaning time and cleaning solvents

  • June 26th 2018 MS Meeting

    CFT Ransburg Japan KK held "MS powder coating kickoff meeting" at headquarters on June 26, 2018. We invited not only Japanese agencies and other agencies from five Asian countries amounting to 14 companies in total, but also users who have already introduced MS products, and media including trade newspapers and magazines, giving detail information on the MS powder business start-up and coating equipment.

  • NEPTUNE Now On Sale!

    The world most successful premium gun manufacture for automotive refinishing “DeVilbiss” launches new center cup gun.

  • Luna2i Widely acclaimed!

    New Super Flat Wide Pattern Meet painters’ wide-ranging demands

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