The First Fully Automatic Coating System in the World "RANS-COSMOS"

- Work Shape Recognition and 3D Data Processing -

The size and shape of the workpiece are detected as three-dimensional image by a 3D infrared camera installed at the entrance of the paint booth and the detected image will be converted to numerical data on PC.

■ Analyzing Coating Conditions, Central Control System for Various Equipment

The numerical data is converted by the CPU equipped RANS-COSMOS Control Panel to control data in order to perform the optimum coating, and output to coating data which is used to control devices including super reciprocator, coating equipment and the paint supply device.

■ Super Reciprocator Equipped with Devices that Move Back and Forth, Ultra-compact Paint Supply Equipment also May Be Added.

Devices that move back and forth to keep the distance are equipped separately with the right and left arms of the reciprocator so that the shape of the workpiece can be correctly traced and thus make stable coating possible. Variable-stoke and smooth reciprocator response are available due to the counter weight structure and AC servo motor. Besides, the ultra-compact paint supply equipment (CCV/FGP) can be configured directly on the arm, so the color change time and paints/thinner consumption are minimized.


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